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Choosing the right company for your will writing needs may seem simple at first. However, it can be challenging to find a worthwhile investment in the long run. Our comprehensive glossary of will terms can help you make an informed decision.


Glossary Of Terms

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Your Essential Must Do's - When Making A Will!
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The Significance of Crafting a Will If you’re unsure whether you need to create a will, keep reading for some valuable insights. First and foremost, let’s delve into the concept of a will. Essentially, it’s a legal document that empowers you to express your desires regarding the distribution of your assets, encompassing money, property, possessions, children, and investments. Key Aspects to Consider for Crafting a Will Creating a will is paramount to avoid potential disagreements over inheritance. You might have encountered instances where individuals resort to the courts to stake a claim to specific investments or assets from their siblings. Planning for the Future A will takes effect upon your demise. It provides crucial guidance to your family members on how to distribute your assets without resorting to legal conflicts. Lacking a will increases the likelihood of family members feuding over the remaining property. Ensure Adequate Preparation To steer clear of such scenarios, it’s imperative to prepare a will, ensuring that your loved ones and children inherit the possessions you intend to bestow upon them according to your wishes.

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Your essential must do's - When Making A Will!

Questions When Writing a Will:

Including a Glossary:

To ensure clarity and understanding, it is advisable to incorporate a glossary of will and legal terms. This alphabetical listing should define domain-specific terminology, making it easier for readers to comprehend.

Consider placing the glossary towards the end, highlighting any newly introduced, specialized, or uncommon terms.

Determining Glossary Terms:

Identify the essential terms from the main text that should be included in the glossary. These terms should aid readers in navigating the will effectively.

Inclusion of Legal Terms:

The will’s glossary should encompass legal terminology that may be unfamiliar to the average person.

To facilitate comprehension, professional will writing companies should provide an accessible glossary on their website, offering clear explanations for the specific terms used in the will.

Avoiding Jargon:

When creating definitions for the mentioned terms, ensure the glossary is properly formatted and easy to read.

Steer clear of complicated jargon, opting for concise and comprehensible explanations.

For further guidance and expert insights, explore our engaging blogs!

Some Of The Common Words That Will Glossary Should Comprise Have Been Given As Below:

It implies distribution and management of estate of deceased, authority to conduct the act granted by the court.

In event of no will have been made by the deceased or will turn out to be invalid, the court would issue letters of Administration whereby appointing one or more people for administering the estate of the deceased.

It would mean the payment or annual income of a fixed amount. The amount would be taken from an investment of capital. The capital would not be repayable.

Implies to specify a certain person or thing for performing an act.

Would be best described as a right belonging to a specific property given to a particular person or persons.

It implies the amount of payment in arrears.

Would imply an individual who would be receiving a gift from a will.

It implies a specific right to a property for a specific person or people in a will.

Would imply a particular legacy to a specific object in the UK region. In other parts of the world, it would imply a kind of legacy.

Implies any kind of property that is other than freehold property. It would be divided into real chattels implying leasehold interests and personal chattels implying movables such as cattle, China, plate and more.

The matters of will would entail adopted and illegitimate children of a specific person who has been deceased, but it would not be inclusive of the stepchildren.

However, if the stepchildren have been specifically mentioned, it would take into its ambit stepchildren as well.

Several legacies would often be entrusted to the children until they attain the age of 18, 21 or 25 instead of the legal stipulation of 16 years.

The deed would be best described as an instrument, mostly a document, understanding the specific terms of contract along with evidence of its date of execution.

It implies buildings.

It implies property, specifically a landed property such as personal estate, real estate. It would also mean the assets of the person along with liabilities taken in a collective manner.

Implies a bar for preventing a person from making allegation or denial that would disagree with what one has stated previously to be true.

Implies any person to whom the property in question would be given under possession after the death of the present holder. The heir would be the male person, whereas the heiress would be female.

It implies a person dies without making a will.

The aforementioned and several other terms have been listed in the glossary for will. However, it would be pertinent that Will writing company ensures they mention every specific word in the glossary that appears alien to a common person.

It would help them understand the will in a proper manner.